All our sandwiches and baguettes are freshly made by hand using fillings prepared in our Taunton kitchen. Our pork, beef, turkey and chicken is sourced locally.

* ALLERGENS & INTOLERANCES if you are uncertain about any of our ingredients, please feel free to contact a member of staff

    • Cold Lunch

    • Sandwiches and Baguettes

      Our Local Sandwich menu is too extensive to list so here are some of our best sellers. Our chutneys and Jams are made from scratch, we try and make everything ourselves but when we cannot we source only the best quality and british.

      From £2.00


      Egg & Cress
      Ham & Tomato
      Cheese & Pickle
      Tuna & Cucumber
      Beef, Stilton & Onion
      Chutney Chicken & Bacon


      Cheese & Beetroot
      Goats Cheese Sweet Chilli & Salad
      Emmental Dijon With Mixed Leaves
      Brie & Grape Poached Salmon
      Crème Fraîche & Cucumber
      Stilton Mushroom Sour Cream & Chutney

    • Wraps

      Fancy something saucy...? add sauce or chutney for FREE

      From £3.00

      Chicken Avocado Spinach & Tomato
      Falafel Sweet Chilli & Rocket Salad
      Goats cheese Salad
      Tuna & Mexican 3 Bean Salad


    • Poached/Smoked Salmon

    • Boxed Meals

    • While you are sleeping our little team of chefs are freshly preparing your hot boxed meals from scratch which are never, ever sold the next day

      From £3.00

      Homemade Mac n' Cheese
      We use locally sourced extra mature cheddar for the best flavour. the ultimate comfort food


      Cottage Pie With Peas
      British beef mince in a homemade gravy topped with mash potato & peas


      British Bolognese with Pork and Beef Meatballs
      Served with Noodles and Cheese. Our homemade Bolognese sauce with locally sourced pork and beef meatballs on a bed of noodles with extra mature cheddar


      Sweet Potato Three Bean Chilli With Sticky Rice
      Homemade vegan chilli served on a bed of sticky rice


      Bangers and Mash with homemade gravy
      A traditional British dish one of our best sellers.


      Chicken Curry with rice
      Marinated chicken breast cooked in our own sauce, served with fluffy rice


      British Beef Chilli with Rice and Cheese
      Homemade Chilli Beef made using local beef, served with fluffy rice and extra mature cheddar


      British Pulled Pork with Rice and Cheese
      Our signature pulled pork is slow roasted on site and sourced so locally we can almost see the field. served with fluffy rice and extra mature cheddar


      Pulled Pork, Noodles and Cheese
      Our signature pulled pork served with noodles and extra mature cheddar


      Sweet chilli meatballs with noodles and Cheese
      Homemade sweet chilli tomato sauce with meatballs served with noodles and extra mature cheddar


      Sausage and chorizo pasta with homemade garlic bread
      Penne pasta with sausages and chorizo in a homemade spicy tomato sauce served with a homemade cheesy garlic bread


      Chicken Katsu curry
      Breaded chicken breast fillets in an oriental Katsu sauce served on a bed of sticky rice


      Pulled Pork with mash and gravy
      Our signature slow cooked pulled pork served with buttery mash and our homemade gravy


      Homemade lasagne
      Homemade British beef lasagne


      Vegetable pie
      Mixed vegetables, sweet potato,squash,onions and carrots in a creamy white sauce with buttery mash topped with breadcrumbs


      Ham and Cheese Pasta
      Penne pasta in a homemade cheese sauce with chunks of our home roasted gammon ham


      Chicken and Peppers in a White Sauce
      Home roasted chicken breast with mixed peppers in a homemade creamy sauce served on a bed of fluffy rice


      Bubble n Squeak
      Roast potatoes with bacon and cabbage topped with extra mature cheddar


      Hunters Chicken Meatballs
      Locally sourced chicken meatballs cooked in a hunters bbq style sauce with mushrooms and whole grain rice


      Chicken and Chorizo Meatballs
      Locally sourced chicken and chorizo meatballs in a homemade fresh tomato sauce served on whole grain rice


      Minced Beef Pie with Roast Potatoes and Gravy
      Homemade mined beef pie with roast potatoes, peas and gravy


      Chicken and Ham Pie
      Chicken breast and our home roasted gammon ham in a white sauce served with roast potatoes, peas and a homemade gravy


      Sweet Potato Three Bean Chilli with Stick Rice
      Homemade vegan chilli served on a bed of sticky rice


      Mango Sweet Potato Curry
      Sweet potato, chickpea and mango in a homemade curry sauce with coconut milk served on a bed of fluffy rice.


      Falafel Ratatouille with Roast Potatoes
      Four falafel patties with a homemade ratatouille served on roast potatoes

    • Hot Lunch

    • Sausage Roll

    • Bacon & Cheese Turnover

    • Cornish Pasty

    • Steak Pasty

    • Steak & Kidney Pie

    • Sausage, Cheese & Beans Pastie

    • Cheese & Onion Pasty

    • Bacon Breakfast Bap

    • Sausage Breakfast Bap

    • Bacon, Sausage & Egg Bap



      Our Soft White Baps Are Freshly Baked Every Day By Our Baker Ray.

    • Salads

    • From £3.20

      Chicken & Bacon Pasta
      Cheese & Pasta Salad
      Tuna Pesto Pasta
      Poached Salmon, Green Beans & New Potatoes

    • Cakes & Savouries

    • Large Selection of Homemade Cakes

      From £1.20
    • Homemade Quiche

    • Homemade Scotch Egg

    • Homemade Pork Pie

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