All our sandwiches and baguettes are freshly made by hand using fillings prepared in our Taunton kitchen. Our pork, beef, turkey and chicken is sourced locally.

* ALLERGENS & INTOLERANCES if you are uncertain about any of our ingredients, please feel free to contact a member of staff

    • Selection of Freshly Made Sandwiches and Baguettes

    • £2.00 - £3.80

      Home Roasted Gammon Ham
      Home Roasted Beef
      Local Cheeses
      Veggie and Vegan Options always available

      All of our sandwiches, wraps and baguettes are prepared freshly every morning in our Taunton kitchen.

    • Box Meals

    • £3.20 - £4.20

      Bangers, Mash and Gravy
      Chilli Beef, Rice and Cheese
      Pulled Pork, Rice and Cheese
      Pie and Mash
      Bolognaise Meatballs, Noodles, and Cheese
      Cottage Pie
      Breakfast Box
      Filled Jacket Skins
      Veggie, Vegan and healthy options always available

      We now have over 40 meals in our range, on average we send out 10 or 15 different varieties on the vans each day.

    • Pastries

    • £1.20 - £3.40

      Sausage Roll
      Bacon and Cheese Turnover
      Cheese and Onion Pasty
      Ham and Cheese Croissants
      Classic Steak and Kidney Pie
      Large Steak Pasty

    • Wraps & Burritos

    • £3.00 - £4.00

      Breakfast Burrito
      Chilli Beef Burrito
      Pulled pork burrito
      BBQ Meatballs and Cheese hot wrap
      Meatfeast and Cheese
      Tomato, Mozzarella and Rocket Panini
      BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, with Brown Rice
      and Quinoa (Vegan)
      Gluten Free selection always available

    • Healthy Salads and Wraps

    • £2.40 - 4.00

      Poached Salmon
      Veggie Boxes
      Falafel and Humous
      Goats Cheese
      Plus many more options available daily including GF, Veggie & Vegan

    • Nibbles

    • £1.50 - £2.50

      Paula’s Homemade Scotch eggs and quiches
      Handmade Pork Pies
      Large selection of Homemade Cakes, Flapjacks, Muffins, Shortbread, and Brownies

    • Hog Roast

    • £3.40

      Free-range Somerset pork bap, served with apple sauce, stuffing and crackling to your liking. Available every Thursday and Friday.

      The Southwest is famous for farming! That’s why we source all of our produce from farmers, butchers, and suppliers from within our local area. Grubs Up is a family owned, family run business committed to offering high quality food at affordable everyday prices.

    • Cakes and Treats

    • £1.20 - £2.40

      Anatoli’s Lemon Drizzle cake
      Viennese Fingers
      Chocolate Brownie
      Caramel slice
      All Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Fingers
      Plus many more

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